The TD-o-matic

Tongue depressors are often handled in an unhygienic way as they are exposed either in plastic cups that are easily tipped over, or in open boxes.

With a TD-o-matic, the tongue depressors are protected against contamination.

The fact that it is wall-mounted makes it easier not only to find the tongue depressors, but also to clean tabletops and other surfaces.

The TD-o-matic is our new tool in the fight against multidrug-resistant bacteria and healthcare-associated infections. The clip below shows how it works.

More about the TD-o-matic

  • Holds about 70 tongue depressors
  • 100% stainless steel = withstands cleaning and disinfection in washer-disinfectors
  • Protects the tongue depressors from contamination
  • Ejects one tongue depressor at a time
  • Can reduce the spread of multidrug-resistant bacteria and healthcare-associated infections
  • Keeps the clean clean
  • Provides a dispenser for tongue depressors and makes the rest of the room easier to clean

Order here, shipping included in the price if possible to send via DHL or UPS:

Number of TD-o-matics

A gentle pull forward ejects a tongue depressor.

The TD-o-matic is the result of Swedish craftsmanship and has extremely long life.