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Simple solutions are usually the best. The difficult part is coming up with the simple solution, isn’t it? Consalus strives to contribute to safer and cleaner healthcare by being the link between the best innovations by care professionals and those who realize the benefits of these solutions.

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The TD-o-matic

Tongue depressors are often handled in an unhygienic way as they are exposed either in plastic cups that are easily tipped over, or in open boxes. With a TD-o-matic, the tongue depressors are protected against contamination.

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The Hygienic Body Strap

The Body Strap is a hygienic and easy-to-install strap for operating tables. It is made of a very durable material and can be washed in up to 60 °C, and can be disinfected with alcohol. It extends with the aid of an accompanying sleeve.

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PEPaid® PEPaid is a new aid which can be used during respiratory training. PEP stands for Positive Expiratory Pressure. PEP... Läs mer »

The Crutch Holder

Are you bothered by patients’ crutches or canes being dropped on the floor? Get stable Crutch Holders! The price of a Crutch Holder (holding two crutches) is SEK 385. Could that be something for your reception area and/or your examination rooms?